Network Manager
What is a Network Manager?
A network manager is a network specialist that assists businesses in maintaining their business network. This can include providing technical support, solving errors and optimizing the network for the best productivity results. They typically work in-house, remotely or even on a freelance basis.

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Network management typically involves installing and maintaining a company’s computer network infrastructure. It can also involve providing technical support to the staff and potentially training them on how to use the systems. You’ll be a part of an IT team with other managers and you may lead a team or answer to a leader.

Qualifications & Skills
Network managers are expected to have in-depth experience of networks, network protocols and hardware technicalities. They are also expected to possess problem-solving skills, project management experience and teamwork skills. A more experienced network manager is usually favored by larger companies, and the role may focus heavily on the training side or technical side depending on the needs of the company.